So, what's the meaning behind the name "The Genieus" (Jee-nee-us)?  It is my belief that all visual art is one part magic and one part intelligent decision making.  Therefore, the inspiration behind the name derives from the idea of having a perfect blend of both a genie and a genius.  This combination of powers serve as a whole to create visually splendid content.

A photo of Keith created by Keith

Hello, my name is Keith and I am the Photographer and Video Producer at The Genieus.  I have two degrees in the creative field and have been a lifelong artist who draws and paints.  As with all of my art, I always want my photographs and videos to be unique, and to have a vitality to them which will set them apart from the gazillion of mundane visuals displayed online.  Let's discuss your vision and I will create the visuals that serve it.

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The Genieus' photography service specializes in portrait and lifestyle photography.  The primary goal is to create extremely unique photos crafted by both camera and image editing technology which you will be able to cherish and have both pride and confidence in showing to the whole world!  Don't settle for selfies, cell phone snaps or photos taken by a creatively uninspired hand.  

$125/hour on location + $25/hour post editing



The Genieus provides brand developing photography for entrepreneurs and businesses.  The goal is to create dynamic and compelling visuals that effectively serve each business in a unique way.

$200/half day (3 hours)
$350/full day (3+ hours) on location
+ $150/post processing per day of coverage for either option

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Let's face it, things that move catch our eye.  Video provides a dimension of storytelling in a visually rich way that can captivate and garner our attention unlike a still image.  Showcasing your business with a video that is both artful and cinematic is a great way to show the world exactly what you do.

Let's discuss your vision